Sexist Asian Men With White Fever

how ridiculous this looks...

How ridiculous this looks…

Asian in the Library - UCLA Asian Guy Going Wild on Americans (SPOOF)

"I got this thing for white girls too. You know what I’m saying?" 

White Girls in UCLA Library PT 1

"And when I’m in the library, it’s just too hard to concentrate. I mean, [White women] sit there in the library with their boobs hanging out and it makes it impossible to study." 

Vlog #4: Asians in the Library - UCLA Girl (Alexandra Wallace) Going Wild on Asians

"You kinda look like a slut. You’re probably good at something like this, huh? (imitates blowjob)"

I know that people are pissed at Alexandra Wallace. But what’s up with all the sexist comments that Asian men are making? And having a thing for white women? What’s that all about? 


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    I obviously abhorred Alexandra Wallace’s video, but I also wasn’t happy with the blatant sexism in some of the response...
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